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In Service to Awakening

My Intentions:

  • Unlock unknown Mysteries of the Universe with you. 
  • Develop physical mastery: Strength, Posture, Flexibility, and Nutrition
  • Develop Mastery in the areas of Qigong and entering the Quantum Realm for healing the past, present, and future. The Art and Science of Breathwork, Energetic and Jungian Psychology, reading signs through nature, communication with your Ancestors and Healing Guides, Animal Medicine, and Archetypes. 
  • Reveal, Heal, and Guide you into being an authentic leader and facilitator in these times of great transformation on the planet.
  • Create a safe and loving environment for us to remember our true nature and express our most authentic Self. 
  • Share with you the most powerful spiritual technologies and skillful means I know to help you live in harmony and happiness with the soul’s purpose on earth. 
  • Call forth the Fullness of your Soul Gifts to lead from love, strength, and alignment. 
  • Remember that our body is a vehicle for Awakening. Our body is a sacred temple that allows us the gift of experiencing life. When we treat our bodies with love, we learn the first step on the Path to Awakening, which is compassion for self and others.
  • Strengthen and reconnect to your Inner voice, wisdom, and healing power.

    Program Deliverables

  • 3 -4 Healing / Coaching Sessions per month – Depending on your goals / needs
  • Weekly Practices for Integration
  • Unlimited Voice Memo and e-mail contact 

The focus of our Time

will be for healing and awakening of your subtle bodies. To enhance your ability to channel energy through your physical vessel and attune to the messages from you Higher Self, Guides, Allies, Light Dragons, Archangels, and Ancestors with grace. 

In this training you will develop:

  • Energetic, Intuitive skills for your one-on-one healing practice
  • Energetic Hygiene – Cleansing, Protection, Grounding, and Building Qi
  • Simple Chinese 5 Element Diagnostic to know which specific exercises / meditations to use in your life and when. 
  • Tools of Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Clearing Ancestral Trauma
  • Somatic Release Techniques
  • Sound Vibration Skill
  • Inner Vision Skill
  • Invocation Skill
  • And Real Magic

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Join Me on the journey to awaken your vitality


Online Master Classes

Transmit Love and Peace
Learn To Heal Within
Breathe Work
24/7 support


One on One Mentorship

Personal Session With David
Coaching and Healing
Spiritual and Energetic Mastery
24/7 support


Medical Qigong Certification

Become a Qigong Practitioner
Coordinate Body-Posture
10 Sessions with David 1-1
24/7 support

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