If you are called to make a  big impact on the planet, heal yourself and change lives...

 You Are Invited To The Immortal Form 8 Week Program  

"Put your wellbeing First, and everything else will follow."


"Put your wellbeing First, and everything else will follow."


I know how busy you are.

You have a to-do list that never ends...

Your days fly by in blur of activity as you are out there changing the world.

But if you want to be your very best...

You have to put yourself first.

For passionate people like us, a disciplined spiritual and physical practice is no longer optional. 

With more and more distractions, urgent concerns, and growing to-do lists, we must prioritize our connection to our our wellbeing first.

Otherwise - You simply won't have the energy you need to realize your greatest dreams.

Have  You  Lost  Vitality?

  • Are you under pressure to 'produce' --- but feel overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted?
  •   Are you feeling disconnected from your higher power and deeper purpose behind the work you are doing? 
  •  Are you a leader, visionary or entrepreneur that feels your health or business is suffering - But don't have time to take the long vacation you need?
  •  Are you out of shape, or suffering aches and pains from old-paradigm cardio/weight lifting?
  •  Are you feeling 'off-center' and wanting to develop greater emotional resilience?
What People are Saying About David
"Having worked with over 20 diverse health practitioners...David is exceptional and in the small circle of the best I've ever worked with. He brings striking perception of subtle energy dynamics, diverse skills & understanding that range across physical-energetic-spiritual wellbeing."

-Larissa Conte
Entrepreneur and Founder of Wayfinding
"After two years with David Beaudry I can honestly say my body, mind, and spirit have evolved. I am in great shape and I feel like I did in my twenties, my mind is clear, and my energy is constant."

-Joshua Naggar
J.D., A.P. Fmr. Sgt. U.S.M.C

"I have incorporated everything David taught me into my daily life and still practice even after moving to a different state. I no longer have yo-yo weight or diet issues because working with David changed my whole lifestyle. The Qi Gong practice has improved every part of my life from my emotional well-being to better concentration and feeling grounded."

-Kaya Bromley
I Took the Journey to Recover and Integrate Ancient Practices that We Desperately Need

10 years ago, I was on track to my dream of being a professional football player and studying how to transform consciousness through a degree in Psychology...

Until a sudden career-ending injury crushed my prospects of going pro. I was broken.

I began looking for a deeper truth and set out on a journey to heal my depression, overcome anxiety, and recover from my injuries. 

I left America and traveled to Europe and Asia, immersing myself in the study of ancient wisdom and working with Master Healers of the Energetic Arts.

For the first time, I began to uncover secrets that...
The Ancient Masters Have Known all Along
We are connected - mind, body, and soul. As I absorbed the wisdom of Qigong, Taoist Philosophy, and Meditation...

 I began to connect the dots between these ancient disciplines and modern high-performance physiology and neuroscience. My studies led me to receive a Masters Degree in Medical Qigong.

I began to develop a unique set of understandings and practices that I knew could help anyone to overcome the stress, overwhelm, and lack of energy that limits what we are able to achieve and contribute.

As I stepped into sharing what I learned, I began teaching on stage in front of thousands of people...

And teaching functional training and mind-body practices to the World’s top boxers and leading athletes.

When I train these elite clients, I emphasize one thing...
Your Wellbeing is a Choice.

You don't have to cope with low energy, live with anxiety, or accept the overwhelm society is pushing on you.

There are a series of proven, time-tested practices that consistently deliver extraordinary vitality to every client I work with.

After a decade of a one-on-one coaching private clients, I’m finally releasing the Immortal Form Program to the public. I am sharing my integral system combining energetic cultivation, emotional intelligence, and physical embodiment with a few leaders ready to have more energy than they thought possible.

I have distilled my teachings into a step-by-step system that gives entrepreneurs, visionaries and leaders access to...

The Most Efficient Mind-Body Practices on Earth.
In Immortal Form, you will...

Develop greater physical mastery in just 15-30 minutes a day.
Practice the primal movement patterns that enable you to move through life with greater grace, balance, and flow. 
Build emotional resilience and be unshakable.
Cultivate the boundaries and ability to work through negative emotions so you can stay grounded and present no matter what comes at you.
Access the flow state on demand.
Learn a step by step process to access flow state - where peak performance ad creativity happens. A McKinsey study finds that top executives in “flow” are five times more productive than out of it.
Immortal Form Includes :

8 Training Webinars

Deep dive into Qigong Principles and philosophy.   Use sound healing, movement and meditation to work through physical and emotional issues. 

Private Facebook Group

Share your insights, breakthroughs, and challenges as well as get direct support from me and our powerful community.

Daily and Weekly Practice Videos

These videos focus on three primary areas, breathwork, functional strength/flexibility and qigong healing movement. 

Epic Immersion Retreats

Get %10 discounts and first access to ALL Immersion Retreats. Experience the connection of a lifetime at Mt. Shasta in the spring and Fall. Here you will access Deep Healing, Soul Nourishment and Confidence in your Personal Practice.  
In Immortal Form You WIll : 
  • Deepen your understanding of energy dynamics in yourself and your relationships
  • Apply 5 ancient principles of Qi Gong to create from abundance instead of overwhelm
  • Learn to create healthy boundaries that will eliminate time sucking activities draining you
  • Discover one powerful technique to skillfully set energetic boundaries (so the people you are serving ENERGIZE rather than DEPLETE you)
  • Do a qi-gong practice that will connect you to your clarity and vitality each and every day before you begin work
  • Develop the discipline to finally achieve consistency in your morning routine - and make real progress in every area that matters to you
  • Gain immediately actionable tools and techniques to transform frustration and anger into empowerment
  • Learn how to cultivate self-love that overcomes any voices of self criticism and allows you to show up fully
Program Curriculum
Module 1 : Alignment 
Result: Gain the ability to clear stress and neutralize feelings of anxiety/overwhelm with ease.

Summary: Learn to call yourself into soul and heart alignment. Learn the power of breath, posture, and intention to enter the flow state, build qi and ground into your body. 

Introduction to Medical Qigong Training:
Key Timestamps:
[16:06] 3 Schools of Qigong
[21:40] 3 Aspects of Medical Qigong Training
[27:30] Energy Sensitivity Training Practice
[42:11] Pillar of Light Transmission and Practice
[1:03:46] Breathwork for Cleansing and Building Qi
[1:20:06] Balancing Three Treasures Qigong Practice

Module 2: Postural Training
Result: Feeling powerful and at ease in your body with the power to self-regulate your mind and emotions through posture/breath.

Summary: Learn the 18 Keys to Postural Alignment to increase energy flow, bone alignment and sense of being grounded. 

Postural Training for Grounding and Cleansing
Key Timestamps:
[4:19] Roots of Postural Dao Yin
[9:50 18] Rules of Qigong Posture
[25:45] Energetic Rooting and Replenishing
[33:33] Warm Up Qigong exercises for Grounding and Cleansing
[50:25] Opening the Five Gates
[1:12:36] 3 Energy Centers Review
[1:17:02] Qigong Practice 1.Balancing Three Treasures 2. Bear Rounds Earth, 
                          Eagle Holds Sun (Earth Element)

Module 3: Integrity
ResultDevelop unconditional confidence in your gifts, so you can show up - no matter how you feel.

Summary: Learn to transmute grief and shame into honor, appreciation, and self-respect. Strengthen your lungs and ability to laugh at yourself.

 Courage, Confidence, Shame, and Sadness
Key Timestamps:
[2:39] Grounding Practice and Objectives
[7:20] 2 Primary ways we receive Qi - Breath, and Food
[11:00] Sipping Qi Practice: Calming our Nervous System 
[15:08] Metal Element and Fascial Lines 
[26:29] Qigong Exercises for Cleansing and Strengthening the Lungs -                
                   Working through sadness, shame, and cultivating courage and 
[45:09] Lungs and Boosting our Immune System
[50:02] Medical Qigong Detox - Emotional Catharsis, Sound Vibration 
                   Training, and Movement
[1:11:35] Psycho-Emotional; Signs of Balance, Deficiency or Excess
[1:13:21] Guided Meditation Practice 

Module 4: Power of Lineage
Result: Beat depression, low energy, and build willpower. Develop unconditional fearlessness in the face of challenges.

Summary: Learn to face your fears with courage and develop the willpower to follow-through on your purpose. Learn specific techniques to free up cortisol and other stress hormones that create stagnation, low back pain, and adrenal fatigue. 

Fear, Will, Wisdom
Key Timestamps:
[9:51] Water Element Fascial Bands, Emotions and Connections
[18:07] Nourishing Kidneys and Building Qi (Food, Rest, Hydration)
[29:06] Qigong for Nourishing Kidneys and Clearing Stress Hormones
[33:50] Qigong Tapping, Rubbing, Stretching Practice
[48:34] Seated Meditation for Cleansing Adrenals and filling Kidneys
[58:05] Cultivating Willpower and Observing How Fear Operates in our life
[1:00:10] Cultivating Wisdom
[1:17:10] Immortality and the Deathbed Practice to Cultivate Spiritual 

Module 5: Boundaries 
ResultGain the ability to gracefully say "no" to what is out of alignment in your life and reclaim your missing creative energy.

Summary: Transmuting anger and frustration into healthy expression and clear boundaries. Cultivate compassion for self and others while sealing the leaks of over-giving.

Anger, Compassion, Vigor
Key Timestamps:
[3:06] What makes a good Qigong practice?
[12:05] Qigong Practice
[33:03] Review of Qigong practice for Metal Element Sadness, Courage, 
[43:40] Review Qigong practice for Water Element Fear, Willpower, Wisdom
[1:02:41] Wood Element Anger, Compassion, Vigor 
[1:09:22] Healthy Anger and Boundaries
[1:22:26] Wood Element Liver Qigong Practice and Sound Healing

Module 6: Higher Purpose
Result: Develop deep self-love and emotional resilience.

Summary: Discover heart coherence techniques to calm anxiety, boost creative intuition and connect to your higher purpose. Heal unmet expectations of the heart to show up in full Presence with joy and childlike curiosity. 

Anxiety, Purpose, and Play
Key Timestamps:
[2:05] 4 Overview and Objectives for today
[3:05] Poetry Reading by Hafiz "The Subject Tonight is Love"
[7:23] What is your Soul Song? + Singing Practice!
[31:53] The 3 Most Powerful Anchors for dropping into your Heart
[33:53] Emotional Transformation Anxiety, Purpose, and Play
[40:40] Tummo Inner Fire Breathwork Training
[57:04] Forgiveness- The Fourfold Path
[1:03:20] Tummo Healing Circle

Module 7: Trust
Result: Develop unshakable trust in yourself and the universe.

Summary: Transform worry and doubt into a deep trust of your soul and faith in the divine unfolding of life. Strengthen your digestion and metabolism through a simple and powerful breathing practice. 

Worry, Trust, Grace
Key Timestamps:
[3:00] Earth Guardianship 
[7:05] Special Earth Meditation and Grounding 
[20:20] Key to Health - Digestion of Food, Thoughts, and Emotions
                    (Chinese Medicine)
[27:32] Practical Ways to Increase Digestion - Enlightened Eating
[36:17] Key Neurotransmitters in our Gut - Motivation, Happiness, and Sleep 
                    (Western Medicine)
[38:50] Sound Healing to cleanse the Spleen/Stomach of Worry/Doubt
[45:50] 3 Tools for Emotional Transformation of Worry
[53:31] 7 Keys for Deeper Access to Trust
[1:01:56] Transmission/Reading = Surrender to Grace
[1:06:10] The Maharishi Effect & The Reduction of Crime
[1:08:03] Healing Circle/Earth Ascension and Tummo Practice

Module 8: Integration
Result: Know how to create your personal qigong practice based on your Essence and needs.

Summary: Our practices change with the seasons of our Life. 
There is no perfect practice, rather it's listening to our intuition and trusting the wisdom of our bodies to inform our seasonal qigong training.

Daoist Inner Alchemy & Transforming Our Shadows and Honoring Our Gifts
Key Timestamps:
[2:47] Grounding
[5:38] Meditation Alone is not enough 
[12:06] Goals of Inner Alchemy Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual 
[31:35] Primary Methods of Accessing Emotional and Energetic Body for 
[40:45] The Five Element Shadows and Gifts to transform your Emotional 
[54:00] Transforming our DNA and Cellular Biology through thought/emotion.
[58:22] Short Gene Keys Activation
[1:03:10] Five Element Tummo Healing Meditation

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IS Immortal Form For you?

This is NOT FOR YOU if...

X If you are satisfied with allowing stress to dominate the way you show up in life

X You are not ready to look at yourself with an honest attitude of self reflection and find where you have been leaking energy

X You are not ready to have a spiritual connection to your deeper purpose

X You are content relying on coffee and energy drinks to get you through your day

X You aren't ready to be held accountable to getting the results you truly want

This is FOR YOU if...

√ You are passionately pursuing your dreams and need MORE ENERGY on a daily basis 

√  You are willing to prioritize your own wellbeing above your worries about time

√ You are ready to reconnect with your divine purpose and spiritual connection so you can feel 100% ON POINT in life

√ You are ready to be held accountable to the results you know deep down you are here to create
Program Value
  • ​Deep Dives: Eight 90 Minute Webinars ($697 Value)
  • ​Accountability: Daily and Weekly Training Videos ($247)
  • ​Connection: Private Facebook Group ($156)
  • ​First Access: 10% Off Immersion Retreats
Total Program Value: $1597.00
Original Price : $1597.00
If you think this program is expensive, just consider...

  • ​How much it costs to show up for the people you love feeling distracted and overwhelmed?
  • ​How much it costs to run your business from the emotions of fear and anxiety?
  • ​How much it costs to show up every day on an empty tank and relying on coffee for energy - and then crashing hard in the afternoons?
  • ​How much it costs to feel disconnected from your soul purpose?
  • ​How much it costs to avoid confronting the unconscious fears sabotaging your business and relationships?
  • ​How much it costs to have no one keeping you accountable to getting results in a personal practice?

This program is specifically designed to increase vitality and wellbeing...

So what is it worth to you to have an extra 5-10 years of vitality to enjoy with the friends and family that you love?

The reality is that the investment you make in Immortal Form will yield 10X.

I know this - and my existing clients know it. 

So if this is resonating in your soul as something you need to do...

It's time to put yourself first.
JOin Me on the journey to awaken your vitality
David Beaudry, MMQ, NSCA-CPT