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About Me

The Man, The Magician

I Am a Father, Teacher, Athlete, and Poet.
I Am a Warrior, Healer, and Scholar.
I Am a Lover, a King, and a Magician. 
I Am the Founder of the Noble Movement Academy.

I help heal and integrate ancient mind-body technologies with modern neuroscience.
I’m here to train the next generation of warriors, healers, and wisdom keepers. 

I Am a Praise Singer, a Gift Bringer.
I remember how to sing the Songs of my Soul and our Ancestors.
I’m here to Activate the collective Awakening through each individual heart.

Learning the Art of Forgiveness to heal old trauma stored in our cellular memory. Re-activating Divine Intelligence within our DNA.

I’m here as a Transmitter of Love, Healing and Real Magic.
I’m here as a Connector gathering the tribes of all colors to remember the magic in their bodies and the Miracles held within their unique Soul. 

In Service to Awakening,


David is a former collegiate football player and has 13 years of experience as both a medical Qigong healer and a personal trainer. 

He has worked with Professional and Olympic Gold Medal Boxers Andre Ward (#2 Ranked in the World 2017) and Andre Berto. He has also worked with the Oakland Raiders and Cal Berkeley football teams integrating movement, breath, and mindset training to allow athletes greater access to the flow state and speed healing / recovery. 

He has worked with underprivileged youth and in 2010 was invited to teach 6,000 inner city kids along with James Cameron and the cast of Avatar during Earth Day Eco Warriors Training.

David has reached over 30,000 students worldwide in over 20 countries with his free content.

What David's Students say

Larissa Conte

"Having worked with over 20 diverse health practitioners...David is exceptional and in the small circle of the best I've ever worked with. He brings striking perception of subtle energy dynamics, diverse skills & understanding that range across physical-energetic-spiritual wellbeing."

Larissa Conte
Entrepreneur and Founder of Wayfinding
Joshua Naggar

"After two years with David Beaudry I can honestly say my body, mind, and spirit have evolved. I am in great shape and I feel like I did in my twenties, my mind is clear, and my energy is constant."

Joshua Naggar
J.D., A.P. Fmr. Sgt. U.S.M.C
Kaya Bromley

"I have incorporated everything David taught me into my daily life and still practice even after moving to a different state. I no longer have yo-yo weight or diet issues because working with David changed my whole lifestyle. The Qi Gong practice has improved every part of my life from my emotional well-being to better concentration and feeling grounded."

Kaya Bromley

heal yourself.
Heal the world.

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